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Edward Russell Johnston, holds a State Certified Class “A” General Contractor’s license. Edward has built many commercial buildings within Citrus and surrounding counties. He will create a building to accommodate your business needs. Trust in Edward Russell Johnston to make your business dreams a reality.

Construction History of Edward Russell Johnston

To begin, Edward started his career in construction with Diebold Contracting Services, Inc., a division of Diebold Inc.

Prefabricated Bank Buildings

Diebold’s plant, located in Clearwater, Florida, built prefabricated bank buildings. The sturdy, steel frame buildings were assembled in two or three sections. The steel “skeleton frame” consists of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams. They are constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of a building. Then, they are erected on heavy duty iron wheels. Finally, they are slowly rolled on rails through the plant to be complete.

Those structures are for small bank branch offices. The offices can be transported to a site and assembled within 90 days. As a matter of fact, we used a Diebold modular concrete vault structure in a local Citrus County bank.

Multilevel High-rise Construction

After Diebold, Edward spent four years with Tuttle/White Constructors Inc. Edward’s duties varied, but primarily concentrated on the site engineering. Edward laid out the building foundations. He would start with pilings, then set the vertical and horizontal control lines through to the top of the buildings.

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While employed with Tuttle/White Constructors, Edward had the opportunity to work on five waterfront hi-rise condominiums for U.S. Steel at Sand Key. Additionally, more condominiums at Belleview-Biltmore in Clearwater. Also, he worked on two waterfront condominium towers at the Isle of Capri at Treasure Island. All with distinctive contemporary architecture and fine details.

Furthermore, these buildings were constructed of solid concrete floors, columns and shear walls using the Flying Form System. This system is a type of concrete forming. It is widely used for supporting cast-in-place concrete slabs for multilevel high-rise construction buildings.

Tilt-up Concrete Construction

Finally, Edward’s last assignment with Tuttle/White Constructors was in Gainesville. The company was erecting a prison complex. The complex consisted of an administration building, warehouse, library and various cell buildings. Each area was built using the tilt-up or tilt-wall type of concrete technique.

When using the tilt-up method, concrete walls form horizontally on a concrete slab. When the concrete cures, the slabs tilt to the vertical position with a crane. Next, they brace into position until the remaining building structural components secure. Tilt-up is a viable construction system today for offices, warehouse and residential homes. Also, the build time is quick.

An Experienced Builder

In 1976, Tuttle/White gave Edward the option to transfer to Jacksonville, Florida or Birmingham, Alabama. Neither option appealed to him. For that reason, he started his own construction company. 45 years later, Edward continues to be an independent, successful Citrus County General Contractor.

Edward Russell Johnston offers experience in a wide variety of specialty buildings. Including, but not limited to: medical facilities, dental clinics, banks, convenience stores, hotels, industrial facilities, retail centers and professional offices. Furthermore, business owners and commercial trusts continue to hire us year after year. Edward Russell Johnston is the premier Citrus County General Contractor.

Our Approach

Each business has its own requirements and specific details pertaining to the business. When you hire a builder with as much experience as Edward, you can count on these details getting delivered without error. Our approach to commercial construction is to meet the client’s needs, complete the project on time and on budget.

In our ever-changing world and competitive market, we will make sure your business doesn’t miss a beat. Even more, we keep the agreed upon deadline a priority. Above all, we create a high quality office or retail business that makes a signature statement about its corporate owners. Let us help you make an unforgettable impression.

Your Building Site

Additionally, Edward Russell Johnston is a licensed real estate agent. If you have not yet chosen a piece of property, we can help you find the perfect location. Edward excels at helping our clients find the ideal building site. On the other hand, we can also find an existing property with remodeling potential. No matter the case, Edward Russell Johnston will make your business stand out from the competition.

Edward Russell Johnston Can Help

In conclusion, for quality, experience and excellence, choose Edward Russell Johnston, Inc. When you’re ready to build, contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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