Luxury Home Features You Can Double Down On

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Luxury Home Features You Can Double Down On

To accommodate a luxurious lifestyle, it’s becoming more common that high-end residences are equipped with multiple luxury home features. Here are several such amenities that today’s homeowners are happy to have two of.

Multiple Kitchens

Luxury Home Amenities - Double KitchenIn addition to the main kitchen, a second cooking space serves for many reasons. For instance, avid entertainers might require a catering kitchen. This second kitchen would be specifically used when hosting events with friends and family—allowing their main kitchen to remain free of any mess. Another popular recent reason, however, is that having two kitchens lends itself to multigenerational living. Larger families find more flexibility in having space to spread out.

Primary Suite(s)

Sometimes, one primary suite just isn’t enough and is a great luxury home feature. There are many situations where having two primary bedrooms is beneficial and, again, a multigenerational living situation is one such example. Other times, it’s simply a matter of couples preferring to sleep in separate beds due to various reasons, like different work schedules, sleep patterns or health issues. In fact, it is becoming more common to see homes with two master bedrooms.

Dual Home Offices

In years past, one home office was the norm. With the rise in remote work due to Covid-19, however, needs have shifted, and couples are increasingly looking for houses where they can each have their own workspace. Going forward, this will likely only become more prevalent than just luxury home features.

Two Laundry Rooms

Lastly, there’s nothing fun about lugging dirty clothes around the house, which is why homeowners can always appreciate having two laundry rooms. Often, there’s one near the primary suite for convenience and a second one near the other bedrooms or in the mudroom to provide flexibility depending on your needs.

Let’s Build Your Citrus County Dream Home with Luxury Home Features

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