Waterfront Homeowners Should Make These 4 Dock Upgrades

Waterfront Citrus County FL home

Waterfront Homeowners Should Make These 4 Dock Upgrades

Citrus County Waterfront homeowners can appreciate having their own private dock, and at first glance, this may seem like a relatively simple feature. However, it can be much more than just a wooden walkway that extends into the water. Following are a few easy upgrades that are sure to take your Citrus County Waterfront dock to the next level.

Electricity and Water

Whether you plan on taking your boat out in the evenings or want to go for a swim after the sun goes down, having lights on your dock can be a major convenience and will improve safety at night. Of course, it’s crucial to work with a professional who has experience in wiring docks. Additionally, having running water on your dock will make it far easier to clean your boat, fishing equipment or water toys. Save yourself the hassle of having to drag a house down from your backyard.

Kayak Launch

Citrus County Waterfront homeowners who enjoy kayaking knows that it can be difficult getting in and out of the water. A kayak launch will solve this problem and enable you to easily embark on a morning paddle without having to lug your kayak on and off the dock. This will be especially useful for kids or older adults who have trouble getting it in the water on their own.

Seating Area

If you have enough space, your dock can also double as an outdoor seating area. Additionally, once you have electricity, you can also add some speakers. From morning coffee to evening cocktails, this makes an ideal setting to unwind. Enjoy soaking up the natural scenery at all hours of the day. All it takes is a few pieces of outdoor furniture to sit back and relax for Citrus County Waterfront homeowners.

Mooring Whips

If you’re worried about your boat getting damaged from hitting the dock, perhaps due to high winds or wake from other boats, mooring whips are a perfect solution. A mooring whip system consists of two poles attached to your dock that offers just enough space between the dock and your boat in order to keep it safely stored when tied up. Put your mind at ease from your boat getting new dings while docked up.

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