Waterfront Homes – 4 Iconic Architectural Styles to Consider

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Waterfront Homes – 4 Iconic Architectural Styles to Consider

Waterfront homes are all about rest and relaxation. However, if there’s one thing to worry yourself with before you wake up to a beautiful sunrise, it’s finding the right architectural style for your waterfront dream home. From coast to coast, there are plenty of luxurious designs you can look to for inspiration. Here are just a few o


f the more popular styles you should consider before building your waterfront dream home along Crystal River or Homosassa River.

Coastal Contemporary

Sasser04With sweeping lines and large walls of glass, contemporary homes are a perfect fit along the water. While there are certainly more traditional options, there’s just something about the juxtaposition of striking contemporary architecture and natural scenery that creates a unique visual experience.


The influences of Mediterranean architecture can be spotted along practically any stretch of coastline in the United States. With its red-tiled roofs and stucco walls, thisB5 A classic style is undoubtedly among the most popular. When it comes to luxury waterfront real estate in Crystal River and Homosassa, Mediterranean is prevalent. If you want to bask in Old World elegance, there’s likely no better choice than Mediterranean-style.

Cape Cod

A Cape Cod-style house clad in weathered shingles is about as classic as it gets when it comes to waterfront homes that exude casual elegance. Although most prevalent in its place of origin—Cape Cod, Massachusetts—this iconic style is a beloved option. All you need are some sandy dunes and a salty breeze for this type of architecture to blend right into its surroundings.


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From the Bahamas to Barbados, Caribbean-style architecture can take on many different appearances depending on where you look. There is, however, a common vernacular thanks to the shared influences found throughout the Caribbean. A combination of elements of British, Dutch, African and Indigenous architectural styles. Today, you’re likely to find Caribbean-style homes from Key West to California, often exhibiting extensive use of bright colors, natural stone and thoughtful design that captures a coastal breeze throughout.

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